Research Staffs
Bae, Jinsoo 사진
Bae, Jinsoo Team Leader



Auction Theory, Experimental Economics

Research Areas

Environmental tax, Excise Tax, Public Procurement

Academic Ability
  • The Ohio State University, Ph.D. in Economics (2020)
Book & Thesis
  • Comparison of Output Approach and Cost Approach for Changes in Added Value of Public Enterprises Caused by External Shocks (2023), Review of Accounting and Policy Studies, with Hwa-young Park
    Evaluation of Representation of Policy Public Opinion in Internet Comments: A Case of Cryptocurrency Taxation (2023), The Korean Journal of Economic Studies, with Soohyon Kim
    "Selling Shares to Budget-Constrained Bidders: An Experimental Study of the Proportional Auction
    ​", Journal of the Economic Science Association (2022), with John H. Kagel,
    “An Experimental Study of the Generalized Second Price Auction”, International Journal of Industrial Organization (2019), with John H. Kagel.
    Essays on Multi-unit Auctions: Theory and Experiment (2020), The Ohio State University, Dissertation
    “Fixed Broadband and Wibro (Wireless Broadband): Are They Substitutes or Complements?” The Korean Journal of Economics, Vol. 22 (2015), No. 2, with Yun Jeong Choi, Jong-Hee Hahn.